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Winter Quarterdeck 2023-2024

In this issue of Quarterdeck we have a tribute to David Donachie, an essay by George Jepson about British naval history, an article about Dutch Pinks and an interview with Chris Durbin.

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Autumn Quarterdeck 2023

Autumn 2023 Quarterdeck features new books in nautical fiction and an interview with Colin Baxter, a Marine Artist. Curated by George Jepson, this is your go-to resource for what’s happening…

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Summer Quarterdeck 2023

In the Netherlands, the wijdschip (or wideship, pronounced “vade-skip”), smalschip (or narrowship), and kaag were the most important ships involved in inland shipping and along the former Zuiderzee during the 17th century. These boats feature in paintings by several important Dutch landscape and maritime artists of the Golden Age. The feature article discusses these boats’ roles and uses and documents several leading Dutch artists who included the ships in their art.

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