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The Privateer's Revenge Book 9:The Kydd Sea Adventures

Facing a grim future, Thomas Kydd takes fate into his own hands. Now his courage and seamanship must win the day if he is to come home alive!

Lieutenant Thomas Kydd faces implacable enemies in high places as he reels from the death of his financée and the loss of his brig, Teazer. Framed and unfairly dismissed from his ship, he and his friend Renzi struggle to survive in Guerney while they attempt to clear Kydd's name.

Then Renzi is hired by a mysterious nobleman and reluctantly engages in covert operations, while Kydd becomes captain of a deadly privateer. Kydd cannot forget his lost honor, however, and seizes one final chance for revenge and restoration.

"The Privateer's Revenge" was published in the UK as "Treachery." Although the titles are different, the texts are the same.

318 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590132364
Paperback or Ebook

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"Stockwin's richly detailed . . . portrait of life on ship and shore in Britain's oceanic empire is engrossing. He writes evocatively of shipboard routine, the panic and confusion of combat and the terrifying approach of a storm at sea, and he knows how stage enthralling action scenes."

--Publishers Weekly

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