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The Darkening Sea Book 20:The Bolitho Novels

June 1809. Soon after taking part in the dramatic capture of Martinique in the Caribbean, Vice-Admiral Sir Richard Bolitho is next despatched to the African coast to gather a flotilla and stop French attacks on British trade routes. But Bolitho must contend with more than Britain's old enemy--he must also face the hatred of his flag captain and betrayal by a man he once counted on as his friend. in the dangerous waters off South Africa, Bolitho hunts his foe: France's most brilliant admiral and the desperate mercenaries who sail with him.

346 pages
ISBN-13: 9780935526837
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"A tale of angry passion, envy and adventure." --Navy News

"The battle scenes are described so vividly that Alexander Kent must surely have been there himself in a previous incarnation." --Nautical Magazine

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