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Night of Flames What price would you pay to keep your soul?

In 1939 the Germans invaded Poland, setting off a rising storm of violence and destruction. For Anna and Jan Kopernik, the loss is unimaginable. She is an assistant professor at a university in Krakow; he, an officer in the Polish cavalry. Separated by the war, they must find their way in a world where everything they ever knew is gone.

Anna’s father, a prominent Polish intellectual, is deported to a death camp, and Anna must flee to Belgium where she joins the Resistance. Meanwhile, Jan escapes with the battered remnants of the Polish army to Britain. When British intelligence asks him to return to Poland on an undercover mission to contact the Resistance, he seizes the chance to search for his missing wife.

Through the long night of Nazi occupation, Anna, Jan, and ordinary people across Europe fight a covert war of sabotage and resistance against the overwhelming might of the German war machine. The struggle seems hopeless, but they are determined to take back what is theirs.

Now also available as a superbly narrated audiobook.

383 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590131664
Paperback or Ebook

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"Jacobson's debut is a wide-ranging historical tale that starts and ends with the fate of a married couple. Jan Kopernik, a major in the Polish cavalry, and his wife, Anna, a university professor in Krakow, end up on separate paths when the Germans invade Poland in 1939.

"Inspired by his Belgian relatives' own World War II experiences, Jacobson has written a novel that is suspenseful, rich in convincingly detailed incidents, and impeccably researched."—Library Journal

“Well researched and skillfully executed . . . a highly readable work which is both informative and imaginative.”—the Historical Novels Review

“A taut and twisting thriller with memorable flesh and blood characters . . . Jacobson’s clockwork plot draws the reader onto its roller-coaster ride [and] clicks along at breakneck speed.” —James Conroyd Martin, award-winning author of Push Not the River and Against a Crimson Sky

“Impeccably researched, Night of Flames is a vast, flowing, unstoppable tale of World War II . . . It is historical fiction at its best, with interesting, poignant characters we care about . . . this is truly a tale of the resilience and ultimate triumph of love. Highly recommended.”—Homer Hickam, author of October Sky, and The Keeper's Son.