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The Admiral's Daughter Book 8:The Kydd Sea Adventures

As captain of HMS Teazer, Thomas Kydd must enforce the king’s laws against his own countrymen, but can he learn to sail the dangerous waters of social obligation and love before he loses everything he’s gained?

Kydd is back in command of his beloved Teazer, but he has just begun outfitting her when he is sent on an urgent mission to the French coast. Later, in home waters, he must take on smugglers, privateers and treacherous seas, while a growing attachment to the admiral's daughter promises to bring him all the power and social standing he desires. But the course of love does not run true; ultimately, Kydd must make a difficult choice, one which may mean the end of his friendship with Renzi—and of his naval career.

324 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590131640
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"This writer knows his stuff when it comes to describing life at sea." --The Historical Novels Review

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