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Peter Wicked Book 3:The Matty Graves Novels

Navy Lieutenant Matty Graves is still recovering from his ordeal during the slave rebellion in the French colony of Saint-Dómingue when he is ordered to Washington to answer questions about the death of his former captain. On home soil he must deal with the mystery and shame surrounding his birth, as well as the attractions of his best friend's sister. But when he's offered a command of his own, he seizes the opportunity to make a name and fortune for himself--even if it means destroying those closest to him.

312 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590131527
Hardcover or Ebook

List Price: $23.95
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"The stuff of pure adventure! Peter Wicked is an explosive mixture of seawater, adrenaline, and slightly-tarnished honor. An hour after I'd finished this book, I was ready to read it again. As far as I'm concerned, Broos Campbell owns the Age of Sail."
--Jeff Edwards, Award-Winning Author of Torpedo and The Seventh Angel

"Eventful and enjoyable. What distinguishes this series from other naval adventure novels is its mixed-race protagonist." --Library Journal

“From start to finish and from stem to stern, Broos Campbell’s Peter Wicked is carried happily forward by the witty narrator Matty Graves. . . [It] is a fine sea story, an adventure complete with nautical detail, sword-fighting fun, and an unconventional love interest. . . . Campbell gives us a glimpse of the United States during America’s quasi-war with France, and a feeling that we would be proud to have such a seafaring ancestor as Matty." —Historical Novels Review

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