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Heart of Oak Book 27:The Bolitho Novels

1818: The war with France has ended. Captain Adam Bolitho is given command of the newly commissioned frigate Onward and sent to North Africa on a diplomatic mission to accompany the French frigate Nautilus in a show of solidarity. He knows he is lucky—the voyage should be easy, but Adam longs for a chance to marry the beautiful Lowenna and settle down on the Bolitho estate in Cornwall. Instead he must deal with the envy and ambition of his officers, hidden agendas among his men, and the former enemy’s proximity. Then the Nautilus becomes a sacrificial offering on the altar of Empire, and the hunt is on for a treacherous foe. Suddenly every man must discover for himself whether the brotherhood of the sea can transcend old hatreds and an ocean of blood.

In this latest Bolitho novel from the master of nautical adventure Adam Bolitho faces one of the most difficult decisions of his career. Will he find the courage and resourcefulness he needs when diplomacy fails and treachery cries out for vengeance?

270 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590131480
Paperback or Ebook

List Price: $20.95
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Praise for the Bolitho Novels

“For all who like adventure and sea battles; for all who would like to escape to the 18th century—follow Bolitho . . .” —Library Journal

“Full of rousing sea action.” —Kirkus Reviews

“Authentic, inspiring, well-characterized and finally, moving.” —Sunday Times of London

“A rousing adventure to keep us turning the pages, all flavoured with a nautical tang.” —Historical Novels Review

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