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Artemis Book 2:The Kydd Sea Adventures

Thomas Paine Kydd is back--with a vengeance--in the second installment of Stockwin's thrilling naval adventure series. Artemis is the eighteenth-century crack frigate that Kydd and sea-mate Nicholas Renzi are set to sail all the way to the fabled Far East. In this great age of fighting sailing ships, Kydd's voyage promises to be a perilous undertaking. But not even shipwreck, mutiny, or a confrontation with a mighty French frigate manages to thwart Artemis and her crew. It's only when Kydd receives an urgent message from home--one that threatens to cut short his career and trap him on shore forever--that Artemis's real journey begins.

336 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590131541

List Price: $22.95
Our Price: $16.07
You Save: $6.88

"Period dialect and seagoing argot aplenty add credibility to the adventure, and the unworldly Kydd is an apt lens for the reader's journey." --Publishers Weekly

"A rip-roaring yarn that confirms . . . [Stockwin's] ability to turn his vivid knowledge of eighteenth-century seafaring into first-rate adventure." --The Guardian

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