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Inside the Ropes
Arthur Mercante
with Phil Guarnieri
Inside stories of some of the greatest prizefights of all time, including Floyd Patterson-Ingemar Johansson II, Joe Frazier-George Foreman I, and The Fight of the Century: Muhammad Ali-Joe Frazier I. Referee and elder statesman of boxing Arthur Mercante gives behind-the-scenes glimpses into his world, and into the lives and careers of the greatest boxers of all time. Mercante has officiated more championship fights than any other referee, and his blow-by-blow accounts are peppered with grit and telling details. Introduction by Burt Randolph Sugar.

248 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-59013140-4
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"I really enjoyed this book. Arthur Mercante is one of the best referees of all time and Inside the Ropes shows you why." --Jake LaMotta

"If you want a real taste of boxing give yourself a treat and read Inside the Ropes!" --Sugar Ray Leonard

"One of the greatest referees ever has written a terrific book about what he knows best." --Tony Danza