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From the Depths Dr. Christine Myers, a forensic scientist with the CIA, has investigated some of the most heinous crimes ever committed, but nothing could prepare her for the slaughter aboard the Dragon, a defecting North Korean nuclear submarine. On board, Christine and a team of Navy SEALs find all the crew members dead, some with their bodies smashed and mutilated, others poisoned from chlorine gas inhalation. Was the gas leak an accident, or was it sabotage? As the SEALS submerge the sub and attempt a clandestine journey to land, Christine tries to piece together the forensic clues. But once the SEALs start dying one by one, the survivors must band together against an unseen enemy—before it’s too late. THIS BOOK IS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE ONLY AS AN EBOOK.

272 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590131411
Available only as Ebook

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"Journalist Doyle writes with a level of authenticity that will appeal to readers of of forensic-based mysteries."—Booklist

"Well written and fast-paced fun."—Library Journal

“A top-notch thriller from a young writer of immense promise. You may want to strap on the oxygen before you go through the hatch.” —Charles Dickinson, author of A Shortcut in Time