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The Fight for Rome Book 2:The Gladiators of the Empire Novels

Continuing the adventures of Quintus Honorius Romanus (a.k.a. Taurus)—legendary gladiator of ancient Rome—this second book in the series picks up in AD 68, when the emperor is dead, and the throne is up for grabs. Three contenders square off to take control of the government, and as civil unrest begins to build, Quintus and his friends, the beast hunter Lindani and the gladiatrix Amazonia, are forced to fight with the legionnaires of Rome in what will soon become bloody civil war. Meanwhile, in a remote corner of the empire, Quintus’ former slave, Lucius Calidius, plots another rise to power—and not even Quintus will stand in his way.

408 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590131121
Hardcover or Ebook

List Price: $23.95
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"A well-written story of ancient Rome, comparable to novels written by Simon Scarrow and Michael Curtis exciting portrayal of gladiatorial combat...well crafted" —The Historical Novels Review

"[The Fight for Rome] takes the story of Quintus Honorius Romanus, the gladiator going by the name of Taurus, to a new level . . . The story is nicely woven into the real history of AD 69 . . . The characters introduced in the first novel have grown and Mr. Duffy is adept at portraying their relationships, and their internal conflicts."—

Praise for Sand of the Arena:

"Duffy recreates in gory detail the world of Roman gladiators … fast-paced, sanguinary action . . . [an] entertaining read."—Publishers Weekly

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