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The War of Knives Book 2:The Matty Graves Novels

When Matty Graves, acting lieutenant in the newly formed U.S. Navy, agrees to become a spy in the French colony of Saint-Dómingue, he plunges headlong into a brutal world of betrayal and double-cross beyond anything he’s ever known. At first the bloody civil war between former slaves and their mixed-race overseers simply offers a way to test himself and a means to purge his guilt over the death of his former captain. But soon Matty is drawn into the heart of the conflict when he meets the flamboyant Juge and the mysterious Grandfather Chatterbox—and faces an interrogation by the brutal colonel known as “The Whip.”

White supremacists, cutthroat patriots and desperate rebels vie for control in the Colonial world’s richest island. No one is what he seems, and Matty must sort out the twisted lies from the cold, hard truth—and keep himself alive long enough to learn from his mistakes.

320 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590131046
Hardcover or Ebook

List Price: $23.95
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"Entertaining . . . a colorful cast of shady characters . . . an elaborate swashbuckling tale that will appeal especially to fans of high historical adventure."—Publishers Weekly

“Matty Graves and The War of Knives are sure-fire winners . . . There is a clear sense of place and period, and the mix of characters is so convincingly drawn that you feel you could sit down and talk to them yourself.” —Jay Worrall, author of the Charles Edgemont Novels

"[Campbell's] knowledge of sailing ships and nautical dialogue shines . . . a rollicking good yarn that makes you laugh and cry." —Historical Novels Review

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