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The Complete Midshipman Bolitho Book 1:The Bolitho Novels

Three novels in one! Sixteen-year-old Richard Bolitho serves in the British Royal Navy as a young midshipman. Follow his adventures as he undergoes a severe initiation into the dangerous world of the great sailing warships!

1. Richard Bolitho —- Midshipman
1772: a young Richard Bolitho joins the 74-gun Gorgon. Naive and untested, Bolitho must learn the ways of the navy quickly if he is to survive.

2. Midshipman Bolitho and the Avenger
1773: Bolitho returns home to Cornwall for Christmas, but smuggling, ship wrecking and witchcraft tear apart his once-peaceful community.

3. Band of Brothers
1774: Bolitho stands on the brink of manhood and takes his examination to begin his true career as a King’s Officer. But soon he must test his mettle against vicious smugglers!

Alexander Kent is the pen name of Douglas Reeman, author of these thrilling World War Two naval titles.

368 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590131275
Paperback or Ebook

List Price: $19.95
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Praise for the Bolitho series:

"Kent's winning hero is Richard Bolitho, who is squarely in the tradition of Captain Hornblower and Midshipman Easy. All of the heroic elements are here... Good, solid stuff that still packs a wallop." --The New York Times

"All the briny echoes of fictional marine heroes can be heard again in these rip-rousing tales of naval warfare... as the stalwart Bolitho gains the trust of his crew and admiration of his superiors." --The Saturday Evening Post

"For all who like adventure and sea battles; for all who would like to escape to the 18th century—follow Bolitho..." --Library Journal

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