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Man of War (HC) Book 26:The Bolitho Novels

Captain Adam Bolitho carries on the Royal Navy tradition of the seafaring Bolitho family, as the greatest empire of its day faces new threats in the post-Napoleonic era. In 1817 every harbor and estuary in Antigua is filled with ghostly ships, superfluous iin the aftermath of war. In this uneasy peace, Adam Bolitho is offered the 74-gun Athena, a notoriously "unlucky" ship, and as flag-captain to Vice-Admiral Sir Graham Bethune he once more follows his destiny to the Caribbean. In these haunted waters, where Richard Bolitho and his "band of brothers" once fought, the quarry is a renegade foe who flies no colours, offers no quarter, and whose traffic in human life is sanctioned by flawed treaties and men of influence. When Athena's guns speak, a day of terrible retribution will dawn for the innocent and the damned alike.

318 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130667

List Price: $24.95
Our Price: $17.47
You Save: $7.48

"The Horatio Hornblower novels of C.S. Forester were among the most genuinely satisfying novels of the last forty years, and now that Alexander Kent is patrolling the same sea lanes, the stories are as good as ever . . ." --The New York Times

"Kent's descriptions of ships under sail . . . crackle with realism." --Library Journal

"All the briny echoes of fictional marine heroes can be heard again in these rip-rousing tales of naval warfare . . . as the stalwart Bolitho gains the trust of his crew and admiration of his superiors." --The Saturday Evening Post

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