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Cornell Then & Now Having unearthed caches of rare historic photographs of Cornell University, the authors of Cornell Then & Now offer readers a dazzling visual trek through a century of Cornell’s history. A must-have volume for Cornellophiles, as well as all history buffs and lovers of photography and architecture, Cornell Then & Now features nearly 200 beautifully printed duotone photographs, comparing views from Cornell’s past with identical scenes from the present day.

A carefully researched, behind-the-scenes narrative describes the spectacular changes that have altered the face of the campus, and the captivating legends rooted within the gothic towers and gabled roofs. Authors Ostman and Littell recount such stories as the ill-fated McGraw-Fiske Mansion, built out of a doomed love affair, as well as the notorious 1997 pumpkin caper.

From a cow pasture to a gothic “Camelot,” Cornell University-a much-beloved alma mater and one of the nation’s most beautiful universities-makes for a fascinating subject in this showpiece volume.

164 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130452

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