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Porto Bello Gold Book 11:Classics of Nautical Fiction

How did Captain Flint and Murray sack the Spanish galleon and bury their ill-gotten treasure on the Dead Man's Chest and on Treasure Island? Porto Bello Gold is a thrilling "prequel" to Robert Louis Stevenson's classic pirate tale! Blending seamlessly with Treasure Island, the action takes place a few years earlier. In the pages of the blood-curdling tale, the reader re-encounters smooth-tongued Long John Silver, the villainous blind pirate Pew, poor Ben Gunn, and many more unforgettable characters.

304 pages
ISBN-13: 9780935526578
Paperback or Ebook

List Price: $17.95
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"A tale of tall ships and lawless men on the Spanish Main." --New York Times

"Mr. Howden Smith has done an excellent piece of work. . . . The two stories, Stevenson's and this, dovetail prettily and the joints escape detection." New York Tribune

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