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Frank Mildmay or The Naval Officer Book 1:Classics of Nautical Fiction

Frank Mildmay is a rogue and a rascal who cuts a memorable swath as he move up the ranks of the early 19th-century Royal navy. Whether seducing pretty girls ashore, braving hurricanes at sea or scrambling aboard a French privateer with cutlass bared, Mildmay and his adventures live on!

Frank Mildmay, Marryat’s first novel, is said to be partly autobiographical. He completed it while fitting out his last command, the 28-gun Ariadne.

352 pages
ISBN-13: 9780935526394
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"This was Marryat's navy, his world, and no one brings it to us with greater authenticity." --Alexander Kent

"Marryat's writing . . . is also absorbing and delightful" --J.S. Bratton, The Novel to 1900

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