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Mr Midshipman Easy Book 4:Classics of Nautical Fiction

Set sail with Midshipman Jack Easy, the original nautical hero, as he embarks on a career in the Royal Navy, full of spine-tingling danger, outrageous adventure and humorous goings on. Jack is the unfortunate son of a self-taught philosopher who has a lot to learn on the decks of a ship of war—but learn them he does, and proves his courage, honor and cleverness to boot. As you embark with Jack on a tour of the High Seas, you’ll be following in the footsteps of Herman Melville, Joseph Conrad, Virginia Woolf, C.S. Forester, Patrick O’Brian and countless other lovers of nautical fiction through the years, who found in Marryat the key to a whole new world.

352 pages
ISBN-13: 9780935526400
Paperback or Ebook

List Price: $18.95
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"Marryat has the power to set us in the midst of ships and men and sea and sky all vivid, credible, authentic." --Virginia Woolf

". . . [Marryat's] greatness is undeniable." --Joseph Conrad, Notes on Life and Letters

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