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The Only Life That Mattered Fed up with an outlaw existence, Calico Jack Rackham swears off the pirate life, until he meets Anne Bonny, a woman who would as soon stab a man as give him a good tumble--that is, unless he's a pirate. Soon Jack finds himself out on the high seas, with Anne by his side and his men spoiling for action. And when they capture a Dutch merchant ship, they pick up an unlikely crewmate, an expert sword fighter and topmast seaman who is secretly a woman named Mary. Together, Jack, Anne, and Mary cut a bold swath through the West Indies, stealing naval sloops, plundering wealthy merchant ships and choosing to live a life of freedom--the only life that mattered.

416 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130605
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"Nelson's portrayal of the pirate menace and its unique seagoing society is thorough, accurate, colorful, and utterly convincing, providing a full broadside of reading entertainment." --Publishers Weekly

"[Nelson is] a master of both his period and the English language." --Patrick O'Brian