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The Cannons of Lucknow Book 4:The Alexander Sheridan Adventures

1857, Cawnpore. Cawnpore is retaken, but they have come too late to stop the slaughter. The relieving British soldiers can only stare at the ill-sited, poorly-defended entrenchment--where the garrison made their last stand at odds worse than ten to one--and shake their heads, wondering why. One of only two survivors, Colonel Alex Sheridan is numb. His wife and newborn son lie dead. But now he must join General Havelock's force of barely a thousand men as they fight their way through to the besieged garrison at Lucknow. The garrison cannot hold much longer, and another massacre is not far away.

272 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130292
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"The author's command of the smallest detail of the period is impressive. A historical novel of scholarship." --Yorkshire Post

"Vivid details of scarlet soldiering . . ." --The Tatler