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The Sepoy Mutiny Book 2:The Alexander Sheridan Adventures

None shall escape from the vengeful swords of the True Believers--men, women, even little children, all will die! 1857, India. Alexander Sheridan--in command of a scratch cavalry force of civilian volunteers, unemployed officers and loyal Indian soldiers--knows these words are not meant for English ears. The sepoys, native soldiers serving in the British army, are massing in response to a prophecy predicting the end of the reign of the British East India Company. Will they vanquish the unsuspecting British they have served for nearly a century? With British stoicism and an unshakable iron will, Alex stands against atrocities on both sides of the conflict, judging all by their merit rather than by the color of their skin or the details of their religion.

240 pages
ISBN-13: 9780935526998
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"Stuart's saga of Captain Sheridan during the Mutiny stands in the shadow of no previous work of fiction, and for historical accuracy, writing verve and skill, and pace of narrative, stands alone." --El Paso Times

"Vivid details of scarlet soldiering . . ." --The Tatler