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Victors and Lords Book 1:The Alexander Sheridan Adventures

1854, Sobastopol. Unfairly forced out of the army for insubordination, Alexander Sheridan leaves Britain and his former life behind to command a unit of the East India Company. Despised by the aristocratic generals of the regular army, Sheridan and his corps of volunteers must face both the rigors of combat and the treachery of men who should be allies in the heat of the deadly battles of the Crimean War. In the end, both the Light and the Heavy Brigades must charge the enemy and win the day--or die trying. This thrilling first installment of the Sheridan series combines history and suppositon in a deft interweaving of fact and fiction.

272 pages
ISBN-13: 9780935526981
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"Stuart's saga of Captain Sheridan during the Mutiny stands in the shadow of no previous work of fiction, and for historical accuracy, writing verve and skill, and pace of narrative, stands alone." --El Paso Times