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The Valiant Sailors Book 1:The Phillip Hazard Novels

Sailing beneath the ominous cloud of war between Turkey and Russia, the frigate Trojan is on her way to the Black Sea, carrying on board a mysterious passenger, a young woman whose identity must be concealed by orders of the Admiralty. Although First Lieutenant Phillip Hazard is captivated by the charming young woman, he has a far more pressing concern: the Trojan's captain is a sadistic despot--and quite possibly insane. As the Allies are poised for a major attack on Sebastopol, Hazard must quell the rising tensions on board the Trojan to stave off a disastrous mutiny.

272 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130391
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"The redoubtable Commander Hazard has won a permanent place in historical fiction and he places his author in the foremost ranks of the writers in this field." --Yorkshire Gazette & Herald