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Hazard in Circassia Book 5:The Phillip Hazard Novels

As Spring 1855 comes round at last, the Russian city of Sebastopol still stands strong against the Allies' siege. To break the stalemate in the Crimea, the British must search for unlikely help among the self-reliant mountain people of Circassia. Commander Phillip Hazard of HMS Huntress is dispatched with a select handful of his crew to seek out the guerrilla leader Serfir Pasha and win him over as an ally. Guided by an expatriate Polish officer and his dangerously independent daughter, Hazard soon learns that the war leaves a bloody footprint even in the most remote reaches of the Caucasus Mountains.

256 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130629
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"Stuart tells a story so well, with such convincing detail, that Phillip Hazard may stand on the same proud deck as Horatio Hornblower." --Ships Monthly