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Halfhyde Ordered South Book 6:The Halfhyde Adventures

Old ships never die--not if Lieutenant St Vincent Halfhyde and the irascible Captain Watkiss are in command. The old iron-clad Meridian steams south on her last journey under the British flag, on route to her new home in the Chilean Navy. Using the transfer of the ship as cover, Halfhyde and Watkiss are on a covert operation to protect British interests in South America from the encroaching Germans. Soon Halfhyde has an added mission: he must help a detective from the Metropolitan Police track down and intercept a traitorous civil servant who has escaped from prison and is on the run for South America. Halfhyde uses intrigue and double-cross to turn events in Britain's favor and save the Empire once again.

272 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130711
Paperback or Ebook

List Price: $20.95
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"Halfhyde is a fine hero, insubordinate and ingenious." --The New York Times

"McCutchan brings . . . a driving style and a vast knowledge of and love for the sea that is certain to delight seafaring buffs." --Booklist