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Dead Reckoning Book 6:The Richard Delancey Novels

Now available once again! Unorthodox tactics, fiery sea battles, and political intrigue keep Dead Reckoning coiled tight with suspense. In this gripping final book of Parkinson's series, Captain Richard Delancey heads for the East Indies on the 32-gun frigate Laura to take part in the capture of the Cape of Good Hope. His ingenious tactics gain the attention of his superiors, who recruit him for a high-stakes mission: to seek out and destroy the French privateer Subtile. In the meantime, on the island of Mauritius, Delancey pursues a more personal vendetta: to hunt down the infamous "Fabius," a sadistic enemy agent who has eluded Delancey for years.

320 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130384
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List Price: $21.95
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"Most fictional characters of the Napoleonic Wars at sea are as wooden as their ships, a generalisation from which Patrick O'Brian's Jack Aubrey and Professor Parkinson's Richard Delancey can be exempted." --The Observer