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So Near So Far Book 5:The Richard Delancey Novels

Temporary peace has been negotiated. The envoys will meet at Amiens. During this precarious cease-fire, Richard Delancey seems hell-bent on jeopardizing his career by falling in love with a spirited Drury Lane actress and engaging in a yacht race with members of the opposition party. But this brilliant tactician is soon called into action once more, as Britain prepares for the threat of a new French assault. Disturbing rumors are circulating about Napoleon's new weapons of war: vessels driven by steam-engines, new explosive devices, and, most troubling of all, a French secret weapon named Nautilus, which can travel underwater and attach explosive devices below the waterline. Using wildly unorthodox tactics, Delancey will have to defeat these new weapons of war, as well as thwart a plan to kidnap the British Prime Minister from Walmer Castle.

272 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130377
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"Authentic naval adventure . . . full of action." --The Sunday Times of London

"If you enjoy salty tales told by the man who knows the sea, British history, as well as words, winches and wimbels, Parkinson will see you through a fine evening very handily." --Sunday Telegram