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Touch and Go Book 4:The Richard Delancey Novels

With his Royal Navy commission in hand, Richard Delancey is posted to Gibraltar to command the sloop Merlin for convoy protection in the Mediterranean.

Overcoming problems with his crew, Delancey quickly proves his mettle during the siege of Valletta and the battle of Cadiz. While there, Delancey hears of a rich prize ripe for the taking, but it's touch and go whether he will make the capture in time.

272 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130254
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List Price: $19.95
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"A historical novelist in the best traditions of C.S. Forester and Alexander Kent." --Time and Tide

"The sharp tang of powder and tar and salty sea along with the boom of the cannon and shouts of men in battle." --The Dallas Morning News