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The Fireship Book 3:The Richard Delancey Novels

Having obtained a position on the Glatton, Richard Delancey is soon to see action in the Battle of Camperdown. But the Nore and Spithead mutinies intervene to upset the course of his career. As witness to a mutiny and participant in the subsequent court martial, Delancy devises an original legal defense to help free a fellow officer accused of murder. He acquits himself well, but falls afoul of the naval establishment. To his chagrin, he misses the general promotion of all in his rank after the victory at Camperdown when his captain bypasses him for the man he replaced. Mollified by appointment to command a curiously antiquated vessel--the fireship Spitfire--Delancey uses this unlikely opportunity to best effect, securing the promotion he was denied.

208 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130155
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"Authentic naval adventure. . . full of action." --The Sunday Times of London

"The sharp tang of powder and tar and salty sea along with the boom of the cannon and shouts of men in battle." --Dallas Morning News