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Devil to Pay Book 2:The Richard Delancey Novels

A lieutenant's rank belying his undistinguished naval career, Richard Delancey finds that his fluency in French lands him a secret mission, but to his chagrin, it goes awry. Casting about for fresh opporunity, Delancey becomes involved in customs collection on the Isle of Wight and in thwarting the high-stakes activities of smugglers. His success lands him in command of a private man-of-war, the 22-gun Nemesis, to embark on further adventures.

288 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130025
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"If you enjoy salty tales told by the man who knows the sea, British history, as well as words, winches and wimbrels, Devil to Pay will see you through a fine evening handily." --Sunday Telegram

"All the competence, courage, and ingenuity of a Hornblower along with a bit more polish . . . C.S. Forester would have approved of Delancey." --Library Journal