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The Guernseyman Book 1:The Richard Delancey Novels

Richard Delancey, inadvertently embroiled in Liverpool labor riots, sidesteps punishment by "volunteering" for the Navy. Ranked as a midshipman, he is no sooner aboard than his ship sails for the port of New York, where he meets Charlotte, his attractive cousin. But when the events of the American Revolution and the ongoing hostilities between England and France send him back across the sea, Delancey finds himself instrumental in defending the Isle of Jersey and, later, the Rock of Gibraltar.

208 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130018
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"Most fictional heroes of the Napoleonic Wars at sea are as wooden as their ships, a generalisation from which Patrick O'Brian's Jack Aubrey and Professor Parkinson's Richard Delancey can be exempted." --The Observer

"[Parkinson's] knowledge of the naval world of the Napoleonic era was encyclopaedic; his understanding of ships and seamen, of politics, strategy and trade almost unrivalled." --David Powell, Twentieth-Century Romance and Historical Writers