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Matthew's Prize Book 1:The Matthew Loftus Novels

It is the 1690s. England is on the cusp of its Empire, but as the Dutch trade wars come to a close so the struggles with the French for naval supremacy are just beginning. It is the time of Newton, of advances in astronomy and the study of longitude. The high seas are the most exciting place for a man to be. Fortunes can be made and lost overnight.

Young Matthew Stalbone longs to go to sea in command of his own sailing ship. Studying the new science of navigation is his only means of escape from the Whitby coal wharves. But his dream of plying an honest trade is wrecked on the Essex shoals.

Swept away to the Spanish Main, Matthew is plunged into a bloody life of pillage and prize money. Struggling always to adhere to his own code of honor, yet seduced by life at sea, Matthew carries in his heart his hope of being reunited with his childhood sweetheart—and of reclaiming the legacy rightfully his.

Fierce sea battles, lawless privateers, naval skirmishes, and ruthless slave traders combine in a story of adventure and high drama during one of the most colorful periods in maritime history.

ISBN-13: 9781590137840
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