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Inferno Book 17:The Kydd Sea Adventures

Copenhagen Harbor is on fire . . .

1807. Captain Sir Thomas Kydd resumes command of Tyger and is ordered to join a great armada on a desperate mission to pressure the Danish Crown Prince to turn his fleet over to Britain before Napoleon has the opportunity to seize it. On a parallel mission Nicholas Renzi—the Lord Farndon, also Kydd’s best friend and brother-in-law—fails in an effort at using diplomacy to persuade the Danes to give up their fleet to Britain for the duration of the war.

Neutral Denmark now controls the straits through which the entire Baltic trade passes and the French army is mustering at her borders. If the Napoleon manages to take control of the Danish navy—France’s already-considerable naval forces may allow him to invade the English mainland and achieve hegemony over all of Europe.

A fiery inferno—the Second Battle of Copenhagen—ensues.

448 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590137390
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Stockwin is one of the preeminent writers of this genre. His knowledge of sailing and the Napoleonic Wars is “up to speed.” I look forward to the next entry.
--Historical Novel Society

Stockwin’s passion for the sea, naval service, and the time of Nelson oozes from the pages like fresh hot pitch between the seams of a man-of-war’s deck.

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