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The Time of Terror Book 1:The Nathan Peake Novels

In 1793, British navy commander Nathan Peake get his chance for action when France declares war on England and descends into the bloody madness of the Terror. Peake is entrusted with a mission to wreck the French economy by smuggling fake bank notes into Paris.

His activities take him down Paris streets patrolled by violent mobs and into the sinister catacombs beneath the French capital. They also bring him close to famous characters of the day including the English feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, and the writer and revolutionary Thomas Paine.

392 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590137406
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"British writer Hunter's rousing American debut, the first of a [series], features Royal Navy officer Nathan Peake, a 23-year-old mariner whose misadventures had convinced him early on that he was born to hang. In 1793, Nathan is plucked from the deck of his warship and sent to Paris on a secret mission, disguised as an American sea captain smuggling tobacco into France. He is unwittingly involved in a British plot to ruin the French economy by flooding France with counterfeit banknotes and to provide gold to bribe French revolutionaries. Unfortunately, the viciousness of the Paris mob, the duplicity of revolutionaries like Robespierre, and the specter of the guillotine threaten Nathan, his conspirators, and the condemned widow he loves. Our hero survives sea battles, assassin attacks, and torture, but his schemes often tragically fail. Hunter (a pseudonym) presents a complex plot, written with wit, suspense, intrigue, and action. Along with a flawed but likable character, he reveals the bloody history of the French Revolution, and establishes solid ground for the upcoming sequels."

--Publishers Weekly

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