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Tyger (HC) Book 16:The Kydd Sea Adventures

Arriving back in England, Captain Thomas Kydd and his friend and shipmate Nicholas Renzi part—Kydd to rejoin the blockading squadron off Cadiz under Admiral Collingwood, Renzi (Lord Farndon) to resume his ancestral seat in Wiltshire. However before L’Aurore can set sail the carpenter brings Kydd dreaded news. He has found rot in Kydd’s ship’s wooden hull—revealed by the damage sustained in battle against the Turks. L’Aurore is taken out of commission and her ship’s company disbanded.

Kydd is offered a new command but that ship is still under construction, so he decides to look up one of his old naval friends and enjoy some of the pleasures of London. This is cut short when he is summoned to Portsmouth to bear witness at the trial of Sir Home Popham for his actions at Cape Town and Buenos Aires.

Kydd confides in friends his true feelings about the way his old commander was treated and, when his opinions become public, finds himself in hot water with the Admiralty. Kydd is punished for his indiscretion by being given a still-different command.

This turns out to be a mutiny ship, Tyger, moored at Yarmouth. On board he faces numerous challenges from a hostile and dejected crew, still under a malign influence. It will take all of Kydd’s seamanship and leadership in voyages to the Far North and in Baltic waters to turn the ship around. The measure of his success is tested in a cataclysmic battle against three Prussian frigates under the French flag.

352 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590137000

List Price: $24.00
Our Price: $16.80
You Save: $7.20

"Kydd is a heroic figure to rival Horatio Hornblower or Jack Aubrey, and a great addition to the nautical-adventure genre."-- Foreword Reviews

This heady adventure blends fact and fiction in rich, authoritative detail.--Nautical Magazine

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