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Pasha Book 15:The Kydd Sea Adventures

Kydd returns to sea and has just pulled off a daring reconnaissance into the inner harbour of Cadiz when he is summoned to urgently carry despatches to Admiral Louis in Malta. Word has come from the British ambassador Arbuthnot that the neutral Turks are being wooed by the French; if the ancient city of Constantinople falls into their hands Napoleon’s route to India will be completely unfettered and his plans for world domination a reality. Concerned for his safety, Arbuthnot is demanding a large fleet presence to take him off and bring the Turks to their senses.

Unable to find Louis, Kydd decides to force the Dardanelles himself to rescue Arbuthnot, braving treacherous currents, unreliable winds and giant bombards. The ambassador moves his staff aboard L’Aurore, telling Kydd to wait for the show of force he is expecting. Meanwhile, Louis, and later, the rest of the fleet, arrive in Constantinople and an ultimatum is issued to the Sublime Porte to give up the French to the British or surrender the Ottoman navy. Failure to comply will result in bombardment and the total destruction of the ancient and noble city.

360 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590136874
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High-seas adventure, ocean battles, bloody melees, and general villainy . . . Stockwin, who based this tale on a factual debacle overlooked by history, is a master of Napoleonic-era atmosphere and rich descriptions of the military, politics, and society. With the last two books, Stockwin's series is approaching the level of C.S. Forester's Hornblower books.

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