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Invasion Book 10:The Kydd Sea Adventures

Rumors fly of Napoleon’s planned invasion of England. In France, American inventor Robert Fulton has created "infernal machines" that he claims can wreak mass destruction from a distance. Fulton believes that his inventions—the submarine and torpedo—will win the day for the power that possesses them. But Napoleon is far from convinced, and the English employ a clever scheme to bring Fulton over to their side. The plan calls for Renzi to risk his life contacting Fulton in Revolutionary France and then requires Kydd to help develop the devices in England. Kydd believes that standing man-to-man is the only honorable way to fight, yet he agrees to take part in the crucial testing of these new long-range weapons. He knows he cannot escape the truth: in the end, their fire power just may decide the fate of nations!

320 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590134948
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“A thoroughly enjoyable series . . . Stockwin continues to display his talents in transporting his audience from the 21st century to the chaotic worlds of Kydd, Renzi, and their imperiled homeland and its enemies. He captures Georgian society and the closed world of a Royal Navy warship particularly well and, as one expects, goes into action with swords drawn and cannons and carronades blasting.” —Historical Novels Review "Stockwin has done a wonderful job of keeping control over a breakneck chain of events with his usual delicious sprinkling of salt to compliment it."--Ty Martin, former commander USS Constitution

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