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The Spithead Nymph Book 3:The Sea Officer William Bentley Novels

Midshipman William Bentley awaits trial on charges of treason—until he is offered the chance to avoid prison by serving as first lieutenant to Richard Kaye, now captain of Will's old ship Biter. Will accepts and begins a harrowing journey to Jamaica, unaware that the woman he loves has been sold as an indentured servant to a depraved Jamaican planter. The brutality of Will's shipboard companions further hardens him to navy life, but nothing can prepare him for the inhumanity that fuels the slave trade. If you prefer the unvarnished truth over gold-plated history, then hang on to your seat and take a hellride with Will Bentley to a Caribbean that is anything but friendly.

288 pages
ISBN-13: 9781590130773

List Price: $14.95
Our Price: $10.47
You Save: $4.48

"Rich, compelling characters and vivid imagery. There are no white knights here and no one-dimensional villains." --Publishers Weekly

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