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Ebooks & Audio Books
Ebooks & Audio Books

McBooks Press has established a great new store for historical naval adventure ebooks and audio books.

We have also included a good measure of military adventure and naval and military nonfiction ebooks and audio books.

The online bookstore is specially designed to provide ebooks to read (plus audio books to enjoy) on your favorite portable devices such as smartphones or tablets!

It is easy-to-use and features a large stock. This ebook system is not limited to McBooks Press publications. Dozens of historical nautical fiction publishers are represented.

These ebooks will work perfectly with any ebook reader, smartphone or tablet computer. (The single exception is a Kindle ebook reader that is not a Kindle Fire.) Buy a book at our ebook store and the download the free "My Must Reads" app from the app store on your smartphone, tablet or ebook reader. "My Must Reads" is a versatile ebook reading (and audiobook listening) app. Be sure to register the app with the same information that you used when you signed in at the McBooks Press ebook store. Your book will automatically be ready to read on your app.

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Our usual 30% discount doesn't apply to ebooks.