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The Kydd Sea Adventures
In 1793 twenty-year-old Thomas Kydd earns his living as a wig-maker in England, only dimly aware of the war breaking out across Europe. But then he is seized by a Royal Navy press-gang and forced to be part of the crew of the 98-gun man-o’-war Duke William. Aboard ship he meets the mysterious Nicholas Renzi, a man with a past who is destined to become Kydd’s greatest friend through many dangers and adventures. For Kydd soon finds that he is a born sailor and a natural leader; he has no wish to return to his old life on land. And as Renzi knows only too well, times are changing: for the first time, a man like Kydd has the chance to rise all the way to the top.

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17 Volumes
1. Kydd 2. Artemis 3. Seaflower 4. Mutiny 5. Quarterdeck 6. Tenacious 7. Command 8. The Admiral's Daughter 9. The Privateer's Revenge 10. Invasion 11. Victory 12. Conquest 13. Betrayal 14. Caribbee 15. Pasha 16. Tyger 17. Inferno

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"The vantage point of the common sailor gives the nautical novel a fresh twist." --The Guardian

"Likable Tom and his shipmates make a snug fit in that page-turning Forester and O'Brian tradition--thanks to retired Royal Navy author Stockwin." --Kirkus Reviews

"[Stockwin] writes evocatively of shipboard routine, the panic and confusion of combat, and the terrifying approach of a storm at sea, and he knows how to stage enthralling action scenes." --Publishers Weekly
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