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The Matty Graves Novels
The Matty Graves novels are sea adventures set in Age of Fighting Sail which chronicle the life of a young officer during the early years of the U.S. Navy. The action takes place in the Caribbean during the Quasi War—an undeclared naval conflict with France that hotted up in 1798 and petered out in 1801. There were a couple of significant frigate duels, but most of the action involved snatching up each other's merchantmen and suppressing privateers—which isn't to say it was dull. When you send out a bunch of young men with guns and swords and tell them to have at it, there's bound to be blood for breakfast some days.

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3 Volumes
1. No Quarter 2. The War of Knives 3. Peter Wicked

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"[Campbell's] combination of historical accuracy, characterization and human drama is captivating, and the story is fast paced." --The Historical Novels Review

There is a clear sense of place and period, and the mix of characters is so convincingly drawn that you feel you could sit down and talk to them yourself.” —Jay Worrall, author of Sails on the Horizon and Any Approaching Enemy

"Eventful and enjoyable. What distinguishes this series from other naval adventure novels is its mixed-race protagonist." --Library Journal
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