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The Lord Ramage Novels
Set sail with the bold and dashing Lord Nicholas Ramage. An officer in the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars, Ramage is a master of clever ruses and daring unexpected ship action. Because his father was falsely accused of treason and cashiered from the Navy, Ramage faces personal attacks from his enemies within the Admiralty, but together with his loyal crew he proves again and again that Britain depends on the Ramage Touch.

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The Lord Ramage Novels
18 Volumes
1. Ramage 2. Ramage & the Drumbeat 3. Ramage & the Freebooters 4. Governor Ramage R. N. 5. Ramage's Prize 6. Ramage & the Guillotine 7. Ramage's Diamond 8. Ramage's Mutiny 9. Ramage & the Rebels 10. The Ramage Touch 11. Ramage's Signal 12. Ramage & the Renegades 13. Ramage's Devil 14. Ramage's Trial 15. Ramage's Challenge 16. Ramage at Trafalgar 17. Ramage & the Saracens 18. Ramage & the Dido

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"Mr Pope is as good at detail as Ramage is at tactics and it's for those who like their cutlasses sharp and their romance romantic." --Kirkus Reviews

"Not even C.S. Forester knows more about the routine and battle procedures of the British Navy in the days of Nelson." --The New York Times

"The first and still favourite rival to Hornblower." --Daily Mirror
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