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The Bolitho Novels
In the Great Age of Sail, Richard Bolitho serves in the British Royal Navy in defense of the country he loves. From his earliest years as a young midshipman, Bolitho moves up the ranks, proving his leadership and courage in the face of brutal seas and raking broadsides. He is joined in his adventures by a rich cast of characters—friends and enemies he has made along the way—as together they fight against an ever-changing roster of sea powers: France, Spain, Denmark, Holland and even the young and unexpectedly dangerous United States.

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The Bolitho Novels
28 Volumes
1. The Complete Midshipman Bolitho 2. Stand Into Danger 3. In Gallant Company 4. Sloop of War 5. To Glory We Steer 6. Command a King's Ship 7. Passage to Mutiny 8. With All Despatch 9. Form Line of Battle! 10. Enemy in Sight! 11. The Flag Captain 12. Signal -- Close Action! 13. The Inshore Squadron 14. A Tradition of Victory 15. Success to the Brave 16. Colours Aloft! 17. Honour This Day 18. The Only Victor 19. Beyond the Reef 20. The Darkening Sea 21. For My Country's Freedom 22. Cross of St George 23. Sword of Honour 24. Second to None 25. Relentless Pursuit 26. Man of War 27. Heart of Oak 28. In the King's Name

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"Impeccable naval detail and plenty of action." --Sunday Telegraph

"Action is frequent and intense, and the color and excitement of 18th century sea battles are vividly depicted." --The New York Times Book Review

"For all who like adventure and sea battles; for all who would like to escape to the 18th century--follow Bolitho . . ." --Library Journal

"A rousing adventure to keep us turning the pages, all flavoured with a nautical tang." --Historical Novels Review
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