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The Otto Prohaska Novels
Lovers of great military literature rejoice! This ironic, hilarious, and poignant four-book series will delight and entertain--and leave you wanting more. Otto Prohaska is a loyal subject of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, never mind that the Habsburgs are over-blown, inept rulers and the bloated empire is bogged down in red tape that brings communication to a screeching halt. Otto proudly serves as a submarine commander in the land-locked empire's navy and even volunteers for a stint as a pilot in the under-supplied but over-rated air corps.

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The Otto Prohaska Novels
4 Volumes
1. A Sailor of Austria: In which, without really intending to, Otto Prohaska becomes Official War Hero No. 27 of the Habsburg Empire 2. The Emperor’s Coloured Coat: In which Otto Prohaska, future hero of the Habsburg Empire, has an unexpectedly interesting time while not quite managing to avert the First World War 3. The Two-Headed Eagle: In which Otto Prohaska takes a break as the Habsburg Empire's leading U-Boat ace and does something even more thanklessly dangerous 4. Tomorrow the World: In which Otto Prohaska carries the Habsburg Empire's civilizing mission to the entirely unreceptive peoples of Africa and Oceania

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"Stark realism and finely crafted humor . . . [Biggins'] use of narration, his thorough knowledge, and good technical details make this novel compelling reading." --Library Journal

“Biggins writes with a fine sense of the sea and a truly marvelous wit.” --Booklist

"Hilarious . . . devastatingly acute. It’s a book to cherish and reread." —The Historical Novels Review
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