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The Halfhyde Adventures
Set at the turn of the 20th century, the Halfhyde series is a clever, adventurous outing as Lieutenant St Vincent Halfhyde plies the seas in her Majesty’s Royal Navy, outwitting the Russians, the Germans and the Japanese, while keeping peace with his irascible superiors and upholding the sacred honor of the Empire as only a British officer can!

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16 Volumes
1. Halfhyde at the Bight of Benin 2. Halfhyde's Island 3. Halfhyde and the Guns of Arrest 4. Halfhyde to the Narrows 5. Halfhyde for the Queen 6. Halfhyde Ordered South 7. Halfhyde and the Flag Captain 8. Halfhyde on the Yangtze 9. Halfhyde on Zanatu 10. Halfhyde Outward Bound 11. The Halfhyde Line 12. Halfhyde and the Chain Gangs 13. Halfhyde Goes to War 14. Halfhyde on the Amazon 15. Halfhyde and the Admiral 16. Halfhyde and the Fleet Review

16 Books