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The Nicholas Fallon Sea Novels
This new series starts in 1796 with Captain Nicholas Falloon commanding the Bermuda schooner Sea Dogand holding a letter of marque from the British government as a privateer. His initial mission is to protect valuable shipments of salt from pirates, the French, and the Spanish.

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2 Volumes
1. The Bermuda Privateer (HC) 2. The Black Ring (HC)

2 Books

"William Westbrook hooks you from the first page with accurate detail, a fast-paced plot, intriguing characters, and a genuine understanding of sailors and the sea. No doubt about it, this is the stuff of a new Hornblower. Napoleon had best beware.”
—Robert N. Macomber, award-winning author of the Honor Series of naval thrillers

“Well done. An exciting tale.”
—James L. Nelson, author of the Norsemen Saga, the Revolution at Sea, and many other naval fiction and nonfiction books

"William Westbrook is not afraid of action, and he is not afraid of blood, history or politics. He is also prepared to tackle seamanship and geography, love and sex. The Bermuda Privateer has all of these delights in plenty, and leaves the reader calling out for more. Luckily, this is only the first book of a series about Bermuda-born Nico Fallon, who becomes embroiled with a ruthless pirate. . . . He also gets involved in a Spanish bullion flota, and a full-scale hurricane and mass shipwreck. There is, however, love, family . . . and a truly impressive expertise. A great maiden voyage!"
—Jan Needle, author of the William Bentley Sea Novels and many more naval stories and books of nautical nonfiction.

“An action-packed insight into one of the most fascinating, deadly and captivating predators of the seas—the privateer. Nicholas Fallon promises to be an original and charismatic newcomer to the genre—and one of the most engaging.”
—Paul Bryers, writer and director, who writes the Nathan Peake novels under the name Seth Hunter.

"The Bermuda Privateer is a rousing saga, that kept me turning the pages. Finding treachery on land and blazing cannons at sea and also facing nature’s worst, Nicholas Fallon stands the test. William Westbrook has struck gold with his first release.”
—Michael Aye, author Pyrate and the Fighting Anthonys series.

Like riding the high crests and deep troughs of a stormy sea, The Bermuda Privateer leaves readers gripping the edge of their seats with little time to catch their breath. From a secret alliance to treasure-laden ships bound for the enemy, Nicholas Fallon and his crew . . . battle a maniacal pirate and traitorous allies, while forging friendships in unlikely places.
—Cindy Vallar, Editor of Pirates and Privateers