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The Phillip Hazard Novels
Phillip Hazard, of the Royal Navy, is caught up in brutal conflicts as he fights the Russians in the Crimea and the Sepoys in India. From one shocking battle to another, Hazard takes part in crucial wars fought during a significant turning point in world military history. Blood and iron cannot shake his belief in duty and country—but betrayal by those in command just might!

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The Phillip Hazard Novels
8 Volumes
1. The Valiant Sailors 2. The Brave Captains 3. Hazard's Command 4. Hazard of Huntress 5. Hazard in Circassia 6. Victory at Sebastopol 7. Guns to the Far East 8. Escape from Hell

8 Books

"[Hazard] is a worthy successor to the Horatio Hornblower series, and make no bones about it." --Publishers Weekly

"The author's command of the smallest detail of the period is impressive. A historical novel of scholarhsip." --Yorkshire Post