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The Nathan Peake Novels
Find out about the public and private lives of Napoleon Bonaparte, Horatio Nelson, Thomas Paine, Gilbert Imlay, Mary Wollstonecraft, Maximilian Robespierre, George Danton, Camille Desmoulins and many others who appear in the pages of the first Nathan Peake trilogy: The Time of Terror, The Tide of War and The Price of Glory.

Trace the secret history of Gilbert Imlay, soldier, explorer, writer, shipping agent and spy, the man whose mysterious career forms the basis of the Nathan Peake novels. Was he the playboy of the western world, a liar and a cheat, or one of the unsung patriots of the infant United States?

Follow the trail of Nathan Peake through the first global conflict in history from the shores of the British Isles to the bayous of New Orleans and Louisiana; from the sinister catacombs under the streets of Paris to the magical bazaars and palaces of Egypt, India and the Far East.

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6 Volumes
1. The Time of Terror 2. The Tide of War 3. The Price of Glory 4. The Winds of Folly 5. The Flag of Freedom 6. The Spoils of Conquest

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"Really engaging. Seth Hunter has a more natural storyteller’s eye than O’Brian . . . well wrought and deftly told"

--Daily Telegraph

"A compelling read, imaginative, knowledgeable, fast-moving . . . full of twists and turns"

--Naval Review

"This book has it all . . . will be welcomed by lovers of naval historical fiction"

--Daily Mail

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