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Profile of Grady Wells
Grady Wells was a novelist, editor, and radio producer. A member of several prominent wine guilds, he devoted much of his time to recipe development for a prize-winning Finger Lakes winery, and also contributed a column on wine-food pairing in that winery's newsletter. For 30 years Wells cooked dinner to complement wines from the Finger Lakes and elsewhere. He passed away in 2008.

Kristian S. Reynolds is a photographer and videographer who specializes in landscapes, sports and recreation, and industrial imagery. He grew up on the shores of Keuka Lake and received a Bachelor's degree in Professional Photography from Rochester Institute of Technology. As a freelance photographer, he has worked for many companies and organizations, including the New York State Wine and Grape foundation. His previous photography book, Finger Lakes Panoramas, captured the beauty of the lake environment he knows and loves so well.

Wine Tour of the Finger Lakes
The beauty of New York State's Finger Lakes wine region--and the exceptional wines produced there--may once have been a well kept secret, but not anymore! See Details

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