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May, 2019
Matthew's Prize, book no.1 The Matthew Loftus Novels, by Marcus Palliser

Profile of John Biggins
John Biggins John Biggins was born in October 1949 in the town of Bromley, now an outer suburb of London. After reading history at the University of Wales in Swansea from 1968 to 1971, he went to then-Soviet Bloc Poland and remained there for the next four years studying for a Ph.D. This experience gave him an enduring fascination with institutional dysfunction and the pathology of decaying empires.

In 1980, married and with two children, he turned to journalism, then to technical authorship in the burgeoning IT industry of the mid-1980s, then to writing fiction in 1987—when he began the Otto Prohaska novels. In later years his day-job, by now largely in medical engineering, took him to France, Scandinavia and the Netherlands.

Two years spent writing and teaching an English course for Polish doctors allowed him to develop a long-standing interest in medical history and led to his latest series of novels, which begins with The Surgeon’s Apprentice.

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The Otto Prohaska Novels
4 Volumes

A Sailor of Austria: In which, without really intending to, Otto Prohaska becomes Official War Hero No. 27 of the Habsburg Empire
Otto Prohaska is a submarine captain serving the almost-landlocked Austro-Hungarian Empire on the eve of WWI. He faces a host of unlikely circumstances, from petrol poisoning to exploding lavatories to trigger-happy Turks. See Details

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The Emperor’s Coloured Coat: In which Otto Prohaska, future hero of the Habsburg Empire, has an unexpectedly interesting time while not quite managing to avert the First World War
Hapless Lieutenant Otto Prohaska in the waning years of the Austro-Hungarian Empire finds himself mistaken by anarchists as one of their own. See Details

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List Price: $16.95
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The Two-Headed Eagle: In which Otto Prohaska takes a break as the Habsburg Empire's leading U-Boat ace and does something even more thanklessly dangerous
Summer 1916 and Naval Lieutenant Otto Prohaska is assigned to the nascent, unreliable and utterly frightening Imperial and Royal Austro-Hungarian Flying Service. See Details

Paperback or Ebook
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Tomorrow the World: In which Otto Prohaska carries the Habsburg Empire's civilizing mission to the entirely unreceptive peoples of Africa and Oceania
In this prequel to the acclaimed series, the hapless Otto Prohaska begins his career in the Austro-Hungarian Navy with great expectations—and manages to capitalize on good luck turned bad as only an aspiring officer of the Hapsburg Empire can . . . See Details

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Our Price: $16.77
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Brand New Audiobook: The Two-Headed Eagle. An Otto Prohasks Novel, Book #3

by John Biggins, narrated by Nigel Patterson

In Which Otto Prohaska Takes a Break as the Habsburg Empire's Leading U-boat Ace and Does Something Even More Thanklessly Dangerous

It is the summer of 1916, and, as luck would have it, young Lieutenant Ottokar Prohaska of the Austro-Hungarian navy once again finds himself aloft in fragile aircraft, this time as an observer-bomber-navigator.

Otto's aerial chauffeur is the self-willed Feldpilot-Zugsfuhrer Zoltan Toth, with whom he can only communicate in broken Latin - although when all else fails, screaming will suffice!

Narrated by the superb voice (and stage) actor Nigel Patterson.

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